AuditPro Anne Arundel Webinar

AuditPro Anne Arundel Webinar

On September 21st, 2021 HFM Cornerstone was honored to host a panel presentation featuring Tony Martinez, AuditPRO compliance rounding and asset inspection technology; and Tony Dillard, Manager, Engineering & EOC Safety and Laura Tenner, Sustainability Coordinator, Community Health Improvement, both from Luminis Health, Anne Arundel Medical Center.  Luminis Health has over 700 beds and is located in Annapolis Maryland.

You can listen to the full recording, but for your convenience, I’ve included the Webinars key points below.

Luminis Health team shared how they went from a paper-based survey and rounding process to leveraging technology to complete rounds, and soon to be used for asset inspections.  Prior to leveraging technology, the Luminis Health team recorded rounds in a variety of ways, but mostly through paper notes.  All of these notes were then emailed to a compliance coordinator that entered them into an Excel spreadsheet.  This process lacked the ability to effectively track corrective action, not just from a completion standpoint but tracking the resolution time. The team admitted in some cases findings could have been lost on someone’s desk, never to be reported. 

What has technology done to drive change at Luminis Health?

When you enter a finding in AuditPRO, all stakeholders have immediate exposure to the issue that needs to be resolved.  Or if they resolve the issue as part of the inspection process, they are still able to track that the issue occurred.

Improved reporting.

As findings are entered and resolved in AuditPRO, you have an up to the minute view of outstanding items, who has been assigned to resolve the issue, are their possible fines involved with the issue, etc. The reports include pictures if they are taken, like of a stained ceiling tile or cluttered hallway. There are over a dozen pre-populated reports, including the ability to track the 10 most common findings, just like Joint Commission does each year. 

Increased Accountability.

You can auto assign a finding, or manually assign a task to one or more people. If you don’t assign a task to the correct person the first time, you’ll have a record of who the issue was reassigned to and when. As for urging people to complete the corrective action, there is no need to remind people. The AuditPRO system will send weekly reminders on all outstanding issues and can view reports in list or graph view.

The ease of getting to inspection data has increased senior leadership’s program participation.

The AuditPRO program includes a Tracer Report, which can be sorted by Auditor, type, building, department, and more. This report includes pictures and corrective actions. 

Program managers don’t have to be an expert in every area of hospital operations and compliance. 

Luminis Health first used AuditPRO for environment of care rounding, but later expanded to different departments. One unique application was for the management of hazardous and regulated medical waste, and inspections of the central accumulation area. Other inspections include EVS, Patient room inspections, and Readiness Rounds.

Survey questions are simple yes, no. When identifying an issue can capture notes and pictures easily. As surveys are completed, they appear immediately in the dashboard. Can correct actions immediately so they don’t show up on dashboard but will show as a finding.

For each finding there is a corrective action as part of the program, or you can add a custom corrective action.

The AuditPRO team makes immediate updates to the program when new guidelines are released by CMS, OSHA, Joint Commission, DNV, etc.  Your compliance program is never out of date so to speak.

Because historical and current data is so easy to access Luminis Health believes it is causing the different groups to work closer together than they did with manual reports. Information is not just flowing up, but throughout the organization to all employees and stakeholders. Including outside consultants.

What’s next? Future plans are to use the program for fire extinguisher inspections. They are also planning an integration to their TMS work order system.

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