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AuditPRO provides a suite of web-based safety and inspection products to meet your compliance management needs, from compliance rounds to asset inspection, to COVID 19 infection prevention.  AuditPRO makes implementation simple, with out-of-the-box solutions, as well as customized solutions to meet your unique needs. Our programs include professionally designed smart forms with actionable findings, applicable codes and regulations, and corrective recommendations, as well as a comprehensive reporting platform to give you a true understanding of your healthcare facilities’ needs.


AuditPRO is a Safety and Compliance Inspection Platform that companies use to improve the efficiency of their safety activities and demonstrate regulatory compliance. Pre-populated content-driven Forms are tied to regulatory citations, accreditation standards, and industry best practices. A comprehensive online portal allows users at multiple levels and at multiple locations to track, manage, and assign tasks and provides actionable data in real-time.

AuditPRO LITE is for users who want to demonstrate compliance without managing the online portal. We combine our pre-populated content-driven forms, email task assignments, and a link to a live data feed turning any internet-ready device into a compliance monitor.

Track, Schedule and Perform inspections and certifications of multiple asset types such as fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems, and more at multiple locations within your organization. Set it once and forget it, AssetPRO automatically tracks and assigns recurring inspection, certification, and service requirements to responsible persons within your organization including 3rd parties such as landlords, property managers, and service providers.

Designed in response to COVID-19 VIGILS combines Infection Prevention Forms, a comprehensive Employee/Vendor/Visitor screening tool and a link to our AuditPRO LITE live data to feed into one comprehensive Pandemic Preparedness program.


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