Pecha Kucha- Innovation Born of the Pandemic
HFM Cornerstone

Pecha Kucha- Innovation Born of the Pandemic

I recently attended, and was a guest panelist, for WBEC Pacific’s IDEATION 2021. This half-day conference “Fight the Fatigue” focused on Surviving the Pandemic.  This was a great opportunity for Women-owned businesses to share and generate new ideas on how to nurture and grow their businesses. 

Also in attendance were some outstanding supporters of woman-owned businesses that provided advise and support, including Skaska, PG&E, and Intel to name a few.

I was asked to provide a Pecha Kucha (5-minute video story) on how HFM Cornerstone, which was founded in July of 2019, not only survived the pandemic, but was able to thrive. 

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