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Suction Regulators and Accessories

  • Superior Patient Safety
  • Simple and Inexpensive Sterilization
  • Model Specific Labeling
  • Standard Glow-in-the-Dark Gauge
  • Models include continuous, pediatric continuous, high vacuum, low vacuum, surgical, intermittent, and intermittent continuous
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Chemetron® Vacuum Traps

  • Vacuum traps help safeguard vacuum regulators, wall outlets, and the central vacuum system from accidental contamination from canister overflows. This is accomplished by a mechanical float which cuts off suction in the event of a canister overflow. 
  • Multiple inlet connectors are available to connect the vacuum trap to any vacuum regulator
  • Standard hose barb outlet
  • Reusable design can be used over and over
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Disposable Collection Canisters

  • Easy to attach snap-on lid and impossible to remove
  • Allied canisters can be attached directly to most portable floor suction units and all wall suction regulators
  • Lid with filter enhances performance over mechanical float systems
  • Built-In hooks to eliminate excess tube wrapping
  • Easy-to-read calibration
  • Large area for patient info


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Timeter® Flowmeters & Accessories

  • Wide variety available in oxygen or medical air
  • Sure Grip Flowmeter available in brass or aluminum body models
  • Acrylic “Classic” Flowmeter and Neonatal models
  • Click-It selectable flowrate flowmeter
  • Flowmeter accessories including line adapters and humidifiers
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Click-It™ Flowmeter

Allied’s new Click-It flowmeters are designed for use with hospital and EMS oxygen and air delivery systems where a precisely metered supply of gas is required. Click-It flowmeters offer a wide range of highly accurate flow rates regardless of orientation or visibility.

B&F Oxygen Regulators

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B&F Oxygen Pressure Regulators

  • Uni-body construction designed to strengthen the regulator and prevent breakage
  • Nickel-plated brass body for safe use in oxygen service
  • Two body designs: yoke inlet for small cylinders, nut and nipple inlet for large cylinders
  • Hose barb or DISS outlet to provide secure connection of oxygen supply line to patient
  • Compact 1-1/2″ diameter low-profile contents gauge with gauge protector
  • Serrated dial-in flow control knob for ease of flow rate selection
  • Large easy to read flow rate numbers

Gomco Circumcision Clamps

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Circumcision Clamps

  • Designed to be easy to use
  • Provides safe and consistent results
  • Chrome-plated clamps
  • Comes in variable sizes from newborn to adult

Disposable Respiratory Products – B&F

Oxygen Therapy Disposables 300x275 1

B&F Oxygen Therapy Disposables

  • Nasal Cannulas – Latex free, tinted and clear for Adult, Pediatric, Infant
  • Tubing – Latex Free, Oxygen, Corrugated and Suction
  • Oxygen/Aerosol Masks – Latex Free
  • Nebulizer Therapy & Humidifier – Latex Free
  • Portable Ventilator & Breathing Circuits – Latex Free
  • Adapters & Accessories – Latex Free
  • Humidifiers, Sterile Water, & Collection Systems – Latex Free
  • Mouth-to-Mask Resuscitators – Latex Free
  • Aerosol Therapy Canopies, Air Splints & THOP Sleeve – Latex Free
  • Oxygen Pressure Regulators & Accessories

Air Compressors

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Schuco® S6000 Air Compressor

  • Compact and quiet
  • Provides up to 14 lpm continuous air flow at 50 psi
  • Uses standard 115 VAC current
  • Easy to clean with minimal maintenance
  • 17 lbs
Timeter PSC 414 Air Compressor 277x300 1

Timeter® PCS 414 Air Compressor

The Timeter® PCS 414 portable air compressor delivers hospital grade performance in a quiet and durable package. Ideal for continuous use in the professional environment, or as a sturdy homecare rental unit. The PCS 414 features a sound-dampened steel case which is designed to be quiet and lightweight while minimizing potential for damage.

TE35 Aridyne 3500 Air Compressor large file 177x300 1

Timeter® AridyneTM Air Compressors

  • Internal condensation trap removes moisture from the air to ensure delivered air is dry
  • Engineered to be one of the quietest medical grade air compressors
  • Suitable for continuous use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Aridyne 2000 models have audible and visual high temperature and low pressure alarms, with DC-powered 6 volt backup
  • Circuit breaker, elapsed time indicator, and thermal overload protector included
  • Air pump inlet filter cleans air and muffles piston noise


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PAT 10TM Medical Drying Cabinet

Allied’s PAT 10 Medical Drying Cabinet circulates clean dry air at high temperatures of 115°F (46°C) to 150°F (66°C), making it capable of drying a full load of medical hoses, tubing, masks and other equipment in as little as 35 minutes. The design features louvered walls that create a unique air flow pattern that efficiently dries the contents, while the powerful air flow generator heats and circulates air at a rate of at least four air exchanges per minute.