Why Pattons Medical?
why pattonsmedical

Why Pattons Medical?

Pattons Medical has been an incredible opportunity for HFM Cornerstone.  We represent them in the Northwest, including Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.  Pattons Medical provides medical, laboratory, veterinary, instrument and dental compressed air and vacuum source to pipeline equipment.  They are installed in all 50 States, but they are still a rather young company, founded ten years ago by former Beacon Medaes Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Engineering, Greg Hood and Tim Hornbuckle respectively.

So why Pattons Medical? There was such a need in the Pacific Northwest! There are not a lot of suppliers, hence a little competition has been good for the market. Pattons Medical’s engineering support is outstanding. They will custom design a system to fit into the smallest footprint. They have some unique capabilities, their prices are competitive, and their lead times are phenomenal. 

There was also a need for prompt and competitively priced repair and maintenance service of compressed air and vacuum systems, so HFM Cornerstone built out a service team, with technicians located in both Washington and Oregon.  After one year we’ve been able to earn the business of some of the Pacific Northwest’s premier healthcare providers.

It is an honor to provide such a critical service to healthcare providers.  HFM Cornerstone provides site surveys, with equipment reports that included capital planning recommendations and assure your system is sized correctly. These surveys also prepare us for ordering any repair or maintenance parts you may need, which is anything from the outlet to the source equipment.

The top reason for working with Pattons Medical was demonstrated during the pandemic.  Pattons Medical and HFM Cornerstone’s partnership has helped to fill a gap in the marketplace during a time when it was needed most. During the COVID-19 crisis Pattons Medical met the demand, extending manufacturing hours so that all orders were filled promptly, realizing that life safety equipment is always a priority. 

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