Company Beginning: How We Bring A Variety Of Solutions To Hospital Facility Leaders
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Company Beginning: How We Bring A Variety Of Solutions To Hospital Facility Leaders

I went to my first national American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE) conference in 2004.  I loved the mission, vision, and integrity of the members of this organization. I knew from that day forward I would be working with healthcare facility engineers for the rest of my career. 

One thing I noticed right away about hospital facility leaders is they have diverse needs, and not enough time in the day to meet those needs.  I felt if I could bring them more than one solution, meet more than one need, it would be of significant value.  In 2019 that vision took form.  I attended the national ASHE conference in Boston, met with some of my soundest facility manager advisors, and walked away with the vision for HFM Cornerstone.  

Mark Schwartz recommended AuditPRO compliance rounding technology.  Damian Skelton recommended Pattons Medical, medical, dental, lab air and vacuum source to pipeline equipment, and I finally convinced Pete Martin to let me represent Gosselin/Martin Associates.  

Today HFM Cornerstone has expanded to include air and vacuum system maintenance and repair services; and we’ve added HSI Headwalls.  We are a certified Woman-Owned Small Business and Emerging Small Business certified by the State of WA, State of Oregon, and WBENC.  Our clients include UW Medicine, Seattle Children’s and Providence to name a few.  

I want to thank every hospital facility manager that has advised me over the years.  If it weren’t for you, I would not be here today.  If you are a hospital facility manager looking for assistance analyzing a product or service, or a business looking for assistance working with hospital facility maintenance teams, HFM Cornerstone is here to listen.  

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