Why AuditPRO?

Why AuditPRO?

There are lots of technologies on the market to meet your compliance rounding, and asset inspection needs, so what is different about AuditPRO and why did I choose to represent them? 

Not only has AuditPRO managed to outshine the competition, but they have the lowest price point I’ve seen, which is a tremendous value to my clients.

How do they outshine the competition you ask?  Not only do their reports tell you the basics, like what was the finding, where, when, by whom, and the code or standard related to the finding; but if there is a fine involved, like an OSHA or EPA violation, the dollar amount of the fine is reported. No, you don’t have to have someone keying that data into the system, that comes “out of the box” from AuditPRO. 

Reports are very easy to run and to dig into.  There are over a dozen reports, and if you need a report they don’t have, they will build it.  On top of that the information is so easy to slice and dice without you needing to be a computer programmer.  For every variable in a report, you can filter data with a simple click. It’s that simple.

If your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) has an open API, then AuditPRO can easily communicate and integrate with your technology, further streamlining your existing processes. 

As for price point, the average payback is 90 days and is driven by hard labor cost savings alone.  This is calculated by the hours that an FTE spends today creating and distributing reports, managing communications and tracking open issues, and closing issues. In addition, the AuditPro technology will bring other operational efficiencies to your organization.

Lastly their customer service and responsiveness is second to none. They want your team to be successful, and they’ll do what it takes to make that happen.  Their focus on your success is why AuditPro has a 97% renewal rate.

This last point is why I chose to partner with AuditPro.  We both share the primary goal of helping our clients succeed.

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